Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{evening browsing...}

Tonight I had an easy night which doesn't happen very often...I didn't have to cook dinner and my lil one went to bed early! 
 So, I have some quiet ME time and decided to take a cruise around to all my favorite stores & pretend shop...1st stop was  Anthropolie and there I saw a book called "Decorate"  which from what the review says it's written by  Holly Becker's who blogs over at Decor8! A fellow blogger! Isn't that just awesome! {btw-it is  co written by Joanna Copestick gathered my info from the 2 reviews?} 
 I suppose it just came out??   I'll have to run by Anthro and check it our for myself. 
I love a good decorating book especially if it's an eclectic mix!
some images from the book

I'm off to do more pretend shop!  Good Night & Sweet Dreams....
xoxo's Nancy

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'LUSH' said...

Love the book. And, I'm a pretend shopper too! (Ok, sometimes I'm not.)