Monday, November 22, 2010

{SCORE! Madeleine's room part 2}

I can't believe we found them! These bedside hanging lamps have been on our list to buy for a while now & every time we go to Ikea they are sold out!  Yesterday we cruised on over to Ikea, had had lunch and then hit the isles- made our rounds & then to the lamp dept. just to see if they had them in...AND there they were "the last 2"!! {SCORE!} We snatched them up like no tomorrow! {SCORE!}
We also found these pillow covers...stripped blue/red/cream for the euros and a velvety red one as well..we bought a few other things so, you'll have to come back to see what else we found! 
 {We - meaning Madeleine my side kick  mini me & moi}

it was a cloudy day & I just could not get my canon point and shoot to work...uggh
sorry for the shabby dark pics...

the silhouettes- left one, she was 2 1/2 made at Disney World
the right,  6 1/2 at Key West by a street vendor
above each of them is a cute lil door knocker my husband bought many moons ago...i'll get a close up and show how cute they are when the sun comes out again...:)

xoxo's Nancy

Sunday, November 21, 2010

{traditional w/ a modern twist-Madeleine's Bedroom}

The past few weeks we have been gathering ideas for my daughters bedroom.  Soon she will be 8 going on 13! Pink has played it's course and now moving on...I still love pink but, she's wants nothing to do with it and hasn't for a couple of years.  So, we have been in transition and finally getting around to making it her own style. 

Here is a cute little table we found at Ikea that is now her new bedside table.  The lamp base we had {Rachel Ashwell Collection Target} & added a new shade from Ikea...the wicker hamper I found at a thrift store for $4 and now being used to hold her American Girl Doll clothes & their many cute little shoes.
The Siamese Cat picture found at a thrift store for $6.  She love cats/ dogs/peace signs & BLUE.

here is a look at her new dresser from Ikea & a shot of the  BIG BULKY husband says "the tv works fine NO need for a slim beautiful space saving flat tv" {exaggerated just a bit a on the last part}
I have been thinking about painting her room but, just would be a task I'm not sure I'm ready for as we have the rest of the house to contend to as well.  So, for now we are keeping the walls neutral.

her bed was also purchased at a thrift store for $40 and the beautiful duvet from Z Gallerie a couple years ago. 
I have many more ideas for her room so, until then Enjoy your Sunday!

xoxo's Nancy

Friday, November 5, 2010

{a quick celing fan make over...}

I didn't know how hard it was going to be to find the exact shades for our ceiling fans. The shades I have are not the clippy, needless to say never found.
So, I decided to recover the old ones...they have seen better days {like 10 years!} time to do something!
I went to Calico Corners and found this fabric {12.99 yard} and it was the perfect match to the ceiling's a grayish tan color w/ beige. This fabric is soo popular right now it was back ordered for 2 weeks & I received in 8 days!!

can you say "crusty lampshades....ooooh" LOL
gathered my materials and started to work

this trim is from Walmart and it's for the trim on the inside of the shade

one of the lampshades fell apart which was perfect & I was able to use it as the template! 

pin & cut

 used spray adhesive to cover the material around the shade then, used hot glue to tuck in the edges

then trimmed the inside w/ the bias trim from Walmart to clean it up a bit.

Here is the ceiling fan finished!

I finished 2 fans 1 more to go...

Happy Friday!! We're having great weather here & I LOVE IT!!!

xoxo's Nancy