Monday, February 28, 2011

{spring is near....}

We had beautiful weather this weekend and spent all weekend outdoors cleaning up the yard, grilling burgers, a lil  shopping{went to west elm for the first time...luv'd}, washing was just perfect. 
 Just wanted to share a couple of pictures I took of my lil bunches of love and her 2 best buddies.

and last night I made my first stir fry.....

easy to make I have to admit it was very good and l didn't feel guilty eating :)

I used the frozen bag of stir fry vegetables from costco
chicken breast cut into bite size pieces 
and this sauce from HEB Central Market
I'm sure you can find a similar sauce at a Whole Foods since HEB is not all over the country...

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

I'm in the mood for a project...maybe paint?

xoxo's nancy

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{should I.....}

Ok, you twisted my arm....never before featured on my blog is our master bedroom.  I didn't know how I would feel to show everyone our master, you know where the magic happens...LOL

well, here it is in all it's glory!  I have been really slow getting it decorated.  I just haven't found the perfect, it's in progress among many other rooms in our house.  It's ok tho, I'd rather take my time than buying just to buy and end up having buyers remorse.

the tapestry is a piece my husband acquired before we ever met.  I have always loved it and it hung in our hallway for years and when we added the addition we decided to use it as a headboard.  The Empire side dresser we found at RoundTop Antique Fair for $200!!  I love the masculine size and's a tiger mahogany.

As alway I have wish list and hope to find one day for not much $....

area rug- auction house
new lamps
empire round or oval antique table w/ a marble top for my side of the bed
a bigger mirror

this is the other side of the room...double doors go into our master bath {still in progress...}

this armoire was in our living room and it's pretty massive...I just couldn't get rid of it as it is my first piece of furniture I ever bought! it houses our tv and my husbands "occupied in japan" collection.
my husband LOVES to antique, he been collecting since he was 12! He is the one who started my mad addiction!  I love it b/c he never thinks twice when I'm in the mood to antique or thrift!
He's my shopping buddy!
I have to sometimes tell him "NO" b/c he's an addict himself. :)

I didn't take a picture of the side wall which has 3 windows  cased out like the doorway...{i'll shoot a pic and post later}

ok, off I go to a must needed thrift shopping excursion! 

xoxo's Nancy

Friday, February 18, 2011

{i'm ready for spring!...}

I wanted to share some super cute inexpensive shoes I bought myself....
 All from that fancy shoe store {Target}
gotta love <3
 Shalyn- in metallic

Olisa-  in grey

Wauna- in blue {these remind me of the Frye sandals I saw last year for wayyy more bananas}

looking forward to Spring!


xoxo's Nancy

Thursday, February 17, 2011

{a few pics from the Urban Market Houston...}

It was a GORGEOUS DAY!!! Look at that SKY! 
Mini me and I had a great day together!
we shared this amazing chocolate scones..too busy enjoying it didn't have time to a take a pic..sorry :)
all I gotta say it was delish!

here she is quite embarrassed....doesn't like to take pictures when people are around so I got a 1/2 smile and squinty eyes...she said the sun was in her eyes {wink wink}

once again I was slighty dissapointed...not much I could afford!! wow the prices of items were outrageous! I still love to go!  funny thing my daughter said "mom, you have better things to sell" awww she's cute!  I kinda believe her...some vendors really didn't have much in inventory and what they did have was over priced! have I mentioned it was over priced? :)  

oh btw- I think I'm going to paint my daughters room!!

thinking a blue...?

I've changed it around again{i know}and for Valentines I  got her a new white duvet{not shown}
it's the ruffled one from's wayyy less expensive then the Anthropologie one and just as cute!

ok, I'm just catching up since I've been sick and out of the loop on everything!
thanks for all the well wishes!!

xoxo's Nancy

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{first decorating diy shows...rewind}

Totally random post....

I was laying in bed {sick again..ugggh} thinking about the first decorating/home improvement shows I was glued to back in the mid 90's.  I want to say this is how the list goes:

1.  This Old House-Bob Villa- then Norm came along or was he always head is a lil foggy from all the meds right now...

2.  The Furniture Guys- they mostly did upholstery and staining

3.  Katie Brown

4. Can't remember the name of the show but it was on HGTV and it was the woman w/ short reddish hair and a man with dark hair..they were super corny but, I still watched.

5.  Trading Spaces

So, there you go now you know!
Hope you all have a wonderful week and I'm praying I feel better by the morning!!

I'd like to hear what shows you watched....

and another random thing...I was on the Antique Road Show -Houston 1995 or 96'
I wasn't featured... I was one of the rubber necker's you see in the back ground while they are filming.  :)

xoxo's Nancy

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{office update....}

Remember the before??

Here is what I have accomplished in the office to date.....

{organized the drawers}

 looking at these pictures I see things I don't like & things I would like to add or change

 cork board- maybe cover it with material 

lamp- bought for $5 at thrift store, hmmm maybe change the color? or take it out completely?

cut holes on the desk top for the computer cords{debating since now I have a lap top?}

add knobs to the drawers

add two glass panes or some kind of covering to the 2 cabinet fronts

chair cushion

add color...either a wallpaper or stencil

new light fixture

rug{ I had a sisal rug but I borrowed it for my side of the bed to keep my feet from freaking out first thing in the morning...our house is on blocks and the floors can get pretty darn cold...brrrr}

Looks pretty blah to me but, it's CLEAN!

and here is what I have accomplished in the guest room...

haven't put much effort into it...just cleaned it and got rid of 2 shelving units full of vintage items from my etsy shop..if feels good to look at the room and not see all the things.

Enjoy your day!  xoxo's Nancy

Monday, February 7, 2011

{and the Award goes to.....}

 I know....sooo honored!
and then to receive from one of my favorite blogs!!
The Polished Pebble
Kelley you had me at Laundry Room :)
and I just think your an amazing decorator/gardener and friend!

Now, before receiving this award I have to share 7 tidbits about me and then select 10 of my favorite blogs and pass on the Award!

so her we go.....

#1~  I love love snow cones & Popsicles! 

when I was pregnant with my daughter I would go to target at least twice a week and buy a box of  50 of those sugar free Popsicles! 
 I would eat 10 at one sitting!! Seriously, I couldn't get enough & still love a good sit down with a snow cone!


 I am obsessed with keeping the floors clean.  I  vacuum or sweep 3 or 4 times a day.  Not sure if it's a handed down trait but, I remember my mom sweeping all the time.
and I don't use a your traditional vacuum cleaner either...I use a wet vac!
I love really sucks!! 
I actually killed one and just recently bought another but, not the same as my old one...they just don't make them like they use to.
 My sister likes to sweep as well.


I love the beach! From the sand between my toes, the smell of suntan lotion,  the ocean roaring, sun shining on my face = LOVE!
I would love to live near water one day.
I think I'm ready for Spring!!


I re-arrange the house constantly. Doesn't everyone? :)


I admit, I can't go into someones house without mentally changing things around......normal right?

I have lived in Chicago & Boulder, Co.

I can't stand the sound of someone crunching.  It really makes me bonkers!!! My poor husband and daughter look at me like I'm insane when I tell them to stop I have learned to walk away or get up from a table before I loose it.

Okay now passing on the Stylish Blogger Award!!!

1.  Greenstreet Blog

2. Name 5 Things

3. Simple Thoughts

4. Between Me & You

5.  Bright Bazaar

6. Girl Learning Along the Way

7. The Red Vault

8. Modern Jane

9. Home and Harmony

10. Humble Pie

now, don't feel pressured to play it's ok :)

Happy Monday! Gotta get things done around here since we had a fun filled weekend and neglected my daily chores.

xoxo's Nancy

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{a gallery wall for my little artist....}

{click on picture to see more of the wall}

 I finally mustard up the courage to hang pictures in my daughters room
I know weird right?  me scared! LOL
 I've created a gallery wall of her art and a few things we've collected at thru the years.
She actually found the M at antique show we took her to last year...she's learning! 
 It's navy blue enamel very cool.
I still have a chalk board to hang and a few more pictures but, I need to get frames...the entire wall is going to be covered with pictures and such.


I even put up pictures in the hallway that have been sitting in a box for going on 2 or maybe even 3 years!  I didn't like the frames so, that's what kept me from putting them up.
I think I like them again...hmmmm
not buying any new frames anytime soon so I have to convince myself ya know?

and coming soon...

I received a  Stylish Blogger Award!!! 

I know ME!! WOW I was super stoked!!

So, what I have to do is write 7 things about myself which I have found it to be quite hard so,  this is why I have yet to formally accept the award!  LOL

Also, I  will be awarding 10 of my favorite blogs the same Stylish Blogger Award! 

ok, I have to go out in this bitter cold weather over yonder and cover up some of my plants b/f the freeze we're having tonight and the next few nights!
WE may even have a chance of SNOW at the end of the week!

stay warm! 

xoxo's Nancy