Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{should I.....}

Ok, you twisted my arm....never before featured on my blog is our master bedroom.  I didn't know how I would feel to show everyone our master, you know where the magic happens...LOL

well, here it is in all it's glory!  I have been really slow getting it decorated.  I just haven't found the perfect, it's in progress among many other rooms in our house.  It's ok tho, I'd rather take my time than buying just to buy and end up having buyers remorse.

the tapestry is a piece my husband acquired before we ever met.  I have always loved it and it hung in our hallway for years and when we added the addition we decided to use it as a headboard.  The Empire side dresser we found at RoundTop Antique Fair for $200!!  I love the masculine size and's a tiger mahogany.

As alway I have wish list and hope to find one day for not much $....

area rug- auction house
new lamps
empire round or oval antique table w/ a marble top for my side of the bed
a bigger mirror

this is the other side of the room...double doors go into our master bath {still in progress...}

this armoire was in our living room and it's pretty massive...I just couldn't get rid of it as it is my first piece of furniture I ever bought! it houses our tv and my husbands "occupied in japan" collection.
my husband LOVES to antique, he been collecting since he was 12! He is the one who started my mad addiction!  I love it b/c he never thinks twice when I'm in the mood to antique or thrift!
He's my shopping buddy!
I have to sometimes tell him "NO" b/c he's an addict himself. :)

I didn't take a picture of the side wall which has 3 windows  cased out like the doorway...{i'll shoot a pic and post later}

ok, off I go to a must needed thrift shopping excursion! 

xoxo's Nancy


classic • casual • home said...

Hey, why not show off your husband's occupied Japan collection?? How cool he will/likes to shop with you. Wish I could say the same...I always have to throw going to lunch into the bargain.
Mary Ann

Shelly Gregory said...

Ok, I'm jealous that you have such a buddy to indulge in antique and thrift shopping! Good for you! And, keep us posted on your progress for your master! Remember, focus on that room--it is, like you said, where the MAGIC happens! xo

La Borda Bleu said...

Thanks ladies for your comments! I love when I get comments! :)
YES my husband is a total trooper infact he went w/ me today to thrift and we had a blast! I bought a huge 9x12 rug for $48! I'll showcase it once we get it all cleaned up & 2 pairs of black Nacona boots for the Rodeo!! yeehaw! Hoping I find some items at this years Round Top trip in April!! xoxo's Nancy

Angie said...

That tapestry is gorgeous!!!