Thursday, February 17, 2011

{a few pics from the Urban Market Houston...}

It was a GORGEOUS DAY!!! Look at that SKY! 
Mini me and I had a great day together!
we shared this amazing chocolate scones..too busy enjoying it didn't have time to a take a pic..sorry :)
all I gotta say it was delish!

here she is quite embarrassed....doesn't like to take pictures when people are around so I got a 1/2 smile and squinty eyes...she said the sun was in her eyes {wink wink}

once again I was slighty dissapointed...not much I could afford!! wow the prices of items were outrageous! I still love to go!  funny thing my daughter said "mom, you have better things to sell" awww she's cute!  I kinda believe her...some vendors really didn't have much in inventory and what they did have was over priced! have I mentioned it was over priced? :)  

oh btw- I think I'm going to paint my daughters room!!

thinking a blue...?

I've changed it around again{i know}and for Valentines I  got her a new white duvet{not shown}
it's the ruffled one from's wayyy less expensive then the Anthropologie one and just as cute!

ok, I'm just catching up since I've been sick and out of the loop on everything!
thanks for all the well wishes!!

xoxo's Nancy


Shelly Gregory said...

I love your daughter's bedroom. It's pristine white and peaceful with just the right amount of "girl" so as not to date it as she grows in age! Although I love the white walls, I am so curious to see the outcome if you paint.

La Borda Bleu said...

Thanks Shelly...she's been begging me to paint it blue and i've been putting it off...she wants it a tiffany blue so, we will see :) xoxo's Nancy

Fran said...

That market looks awesome, but I hate it when the prices are outrageous!! Love your daugther's photo wall gallery!! V. cool!!