Friday, May 27, 2011

{Getting organized...}

This week I've cleared out our living room, unpacked many tubs of merchandise and thru it all I have found items I forgot I bought! 10 years of goods tucked away in the attic! Here are some pics of what I've been doing..

Wishing all a safe and Happy Memorial Weekend!  

xoxo's Nancy

Monday, May 23, 2011

{It's ON!...]

It's official!! I'm having a Summer Boutique in my home~then, I hope to host a craft workshop!!  

Due to the hot & sticky weather here I have decided to have most of the up scale yard sale indoors. 

 Yesterday, my husband came home to a huge surprise,  I moved our living room with the help of 

my little assistant to the dining room! I was a bit nervous and asked him what he thought..

  he said it's good.  


will keep you posted on progress.....

xoxo' s Nancy

Thursday, May 19, 2011

{Caught on Camera...}

The other day my daughter was sooo excited about a new bug she had never seen before & 

by the sounds of it neither have I?? She said, it's like a big ant with wings like a fly and furry like a 

bee....? Hmmm, she caught my curiosity and I wanted her to show me what she was so dang thrilled 

about.  Days passed and she couldn't find one to show me UNTIL the other day when she got home 

from school she was determined to find one & she did!  She ran inside with total excitement 

and grabbed my camera..she wouldn't tell me why she needed it.  I heard her & the hubby outside 

oohing and ahhh'n {such a word? oh well} and didn't see her again for about 30 minutes.

Then, it was LOOK mommy LOOK mommy I found "the bug" to show you...I said, where is it??? 

she said in your camera!  LOL omgoodness I almost p'd in my pants. 

 So, I uploaded the pictures she took.

and well here they are below...have you ever seen this bug before? nope, me neither...

 her pics are great! {she's 8!}

{the unknown bug}

{the unknown bug}

then, she went on an adventure....she loves ladybugs 

stinkbug in our bell pepper plant

 I suppose she looked up in the tree...{web worms...this pic calls for some treatment soon!}

I took this pic to show you our  storage/shed in our's my thought on this building..

{i've been doing a lot of thinking lately}

 you know how I've been tinkering ideas of opening up a shop/studio in previous post? Ok, well after 

talking to my mom she said why don't you just use the shed you have out back? I have in the past but, 

gave up the idea awhile has a ton of stuff in it like tools, wood, tools, doors...etc

A BIG Thank YOU to mom  b/c she shed some light on it once again!!

{no pun } goal now is to get a storage shed built for my husband or get some kind of container to house 

all his stuff SO I can use this shed for my studio!!!  

 I have to come up with the $ right?  ughhh...etsy shop opening soon!! & Up Scale Yard Sale!!

I think it's all becoming clearer every day!!

And Thanks for all the lovely encouraging comments...keep them coming Lord knows I need them!!!

xoxo's Nancy

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{this is where i'm at...}

 I didn't mean to leave ya hanging... {wink wink}

As I posted earlier I have had some ideas i've been tinkering with and pitched them to my husband the

other actually went really well!!

So, after both of us talking about it I started to get cold feet again... 

I think it's mostly because I'm not completely ready to take such a big leap.

so, instead i'm going to take a baby step in that direction.

I know you have been waiting long enough so, here is my grand idea....

I want to convert a part of the house into a cozy little shop~

sell pillows, furniture, vintage would be more of a word of mouth type store.  I would host parties

once or twice a month for people to come visit and shop & then by appointment...

 maybe even a place to host small craft gatherings. 

It's all what I love to do all wrapped in one little room maybe 600 feet? dreamy right?!? 

Why would I use my home you ask??

Here's why...we live in an un-restricted pat of town and we can actually have a business!  Not, a

business like a convenient store but, more of a shop or something.

Now, the space I would use is the living room/ sunroom.  The sunroom we have never used and it's a

waste of space due to how it's situated & the living room we can move to the new dining area.

here is the space for the new shop....what your looking at is the sunroom we never use and to the right is the living room

I would put a wall between the end of this short wall{before the desk you see} to the back wall to close off those 2 rooms from the front door that you see here.  Then, the shop door would be where that empire sofa is at the end of the sunroom...the outside of where this window is has a concrete patio- perfect for entry to the shop. I see my vision of the room but, hard to explain it...

Why would I do this you ask?

We have an unfinished kitchen b/c we ran out of money{typical right?}

& being in the real estate biz ~we all know took a huge dive...

my husband provides but, it's the extra we don't have & in order to finish 

the kitchen you need the extra ya know.

so, I need to get a JOB right? hahaha well, I would but I can only work part-time  & need special 

hours...employers now a days want someone there from sunrise till dawn & pay close to, why utilize what we have & maybe make some extra dinero while doing what I love!

My neighbor has a little beauty salon next to her house & down the street they converted a house into a

dog's super cute!


 the best part is what my husband said!! "I'll help u"  what a sweet man!

He knows how passionate I am about all of this & he knows I will succeed!

 He has full confidence in me & that's super duper special!!

so, for now i'm going to start with a "up scale yard sale" ever hear of one?  well, it's going to be a little 

on the smanchy will be like a mini market with new and old things...I need to get busy on 

recruiting some crafty friends to bring things...we will see.. one step at a time!

so, there you go...

oh, and i'm thinking of changing my blog name to coincide with the shop!!

 I would love to hear your ideas of names for this secret shop!!

SO, What do you think of my idea??

xoxo's Nancy

Friday, May 6, 2011


After looking at pictures of my daughters room I posted before I wanted to brighten them up so, with a 

little help from my handy mac I edited...

I like the way the light has filtered & the feel of the pictures are exactly how it is outside today

 Bright with A Cool Crisp Breeze...

Blessing to all and a very cheerful beautiful day this Sunday!!

Mommies are certainly #1!!

xoxo's Nancy

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{It's the little moments that I cherish...}

A few weeks ago I volunteered to join my daughters classroom on a trip to the Science Museum. 

 Being in Houston for 30 years, I've never been! I know,  why? not sure why...just never have.

 First, we went into the butterfly section- little beauties flying all around. 

 It was quite a heavenly scene- 

well if you blocked out all the screaming

in the midst of all of it, I noticed how excited she{my daughter} was to have me come was so tender and loving to see that she still wanted to hold my hand in front of her entire class room.

and when she saw something she was excited about she made sure to turn around to catch my attention so, 

we can share the moment...

during our tour thru the gem section she would look around and pull me towards the gems she thought I would enjoy seeing...thinking about her mommy at all times~ moments like this I cherish.

I don't need jewelry or things....{well maybe this :)}

{all images via La Borda Bleu}

I can see thru expression how much I mean to my family

it's those little moments...

that's all I need and will ever need.

Wishing All Mommies A Blessed Mother's Day!

I would love to hear what makes you proud to be a mommy!

xoxo's Nancy