Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{It's the little moments that I cherish...}

A few weeks ago I volunteered to join my daughters classroom on a trip to the Science Museum. 

 Being in Houston for 30 years, I've never been! I know,  why? not sure why...just never have.

 First, we went into the butterfly section- little beauties flying all around. 

 It was quite a heavenly scene- 

well if you blocked out all the screaming

in the midst of all of it, I noticed how excited she{my daughter} was to have me come was so tender and loving to see that she still wanted to hold my hand in front of her entire class room.

and when she saw something she was excited about she made sure to turn around to catch my attention so, 

we can share the moment...

during our tour thru the gem section she would look around and pull me towards the gems she thought I would enjoy seeing...thinking about her mommy at all times~ moments like this I cherish.

I don't need jewelry or things....{well maybe this :)}

{all images via La Borda Bleu}

I can see thru expression how much I mean to my family

it's those little moments...

that's all I need and will ever need.

Wishing All Mommies A Blessed Mother's Day!

I would love to hear what makes you proud to be a mommy!

xoxo's Nancy

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