Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{I Love Thrifting Party -Houston Chapter...}

Katie from The Mac Styles put this event together in the Houston Area!  

Mr. Goodwill Hunting is hosting the biggest party of the summer, the    I <3 Thrifting Party and we’re invited!
Calling all Houston Bloggers and anyone who loves thrifting!  Come out and join me on July 9 atThe Perfect Fit Resale Boutique.           Owner Marie Pace was gracious enough to host our meet up event.
We will have refreshments and shopping!
Don’t forget to order your I<3 Thrifting T-shirts (here)

Can’t wait to see everyone there…..
When: Saturday July 9, 2011
Time: 12-2pm
Address: 14520 Memorial Dr #30, Houston, TX 77079

You can also check Mr. Goodwill Hunting blog to see where your party is being held in your area!

I may just order my shirt and show up!

xoxo's Nancy

Monday, June 27, 2011

{a few things i'm LOVING right now...}

 San Tropez from really pretty on and reminds me of summer at the a sandy color :) our neck of the woods it's been super dry and the fleas have taken over our pets!  

I have tried everything  from frontline, flea dips, treating the yard and nothing was working...I felt so 

extremely sad for the dogs{we have 4..i know} 

until I discovered Comfortis!!! {insert angels rejoicing here}

this stuff REALLY WORKS!  It's a pill and they didn't shy away when I offered it to them...

in a few hours those pesty fleas were GONE O!!

so, if your in desperate need for some kick ass flea killer go and get it NOW!  

your pets will LOVE you and you will feel soooo much better as well :)


Starbucks Passion  Lemonade Tea

this is our summer refresher but at $4 a pop I decided to make my own!!

Starbucks uses TAZO brand which most groceries carry and cost for several tea bags it's like $3.89!

I make a pitcher of it at a time.... boil water,  steep 5 packets w/ 1 lemon tea bag 

{found box of lemon tea for $1.00}


sugar and there you go! 

Passion Lemonade Tea without breaking the bank!

I am just now getting around to setting up for the sale I'm hoping to have in the next few weeks...ugh 

have a ton to do while my girl is at camp...i'll check in later this week till then, enjoy your week!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

{Big Lou's...}

Over the weekend we headed back towards SA with the entire family this time...we went to back to 

Texas Pride for dinner and for lunch the next day to  "Big Lou's" it's a pizzeria but, not your normal 

Pizza Hut type...check this out!

can you say super SIZED?  it was a whopping 37"!

the kids were in awwww....

 couldn't wait to dig in...

 one slice was as long as my

and really great pizza!  So, if ever in San Antonio look up Big Lou''s quite an experience!

 "Man Vs Food" had been there!   Wonder if he finished it all? 

If you noticed I haven't been doing much on decorating or being creative JUST EATING!

I just lost the 4lbs I gained in the last 2 weeks! 

I'll check in later as I have company coming Friday and need to tidy up!

xoxo's Nancy

Monday, June 6, 2011

{Texas Pride BBQ...}

Now that school is out we are super busy around here...we spent the weekend in a small town right 

outside of San Antonio and had a great time!  Just like the Housewives of Orange County we took a 

short ride to Texas Pride BBQ!  The food was ok but, the atmosphere was a boot scoot'n good time!  Here are

 some pics below.  My sister and her family are moving that direction & I'm helping them find a home.

  So, I will be in and out of blog land for a few weeks.  

the cheesy potato's & the macaroni were OMG good!

enjoying a cold was super hot but there was a nice breeze...can you tell by the picture? lol 

have a great week!

  xoxo's Nancy