Thursday, February 25, 2010

{soo genius...creative way to capture childs art}

I found this site going thru blogland this morning...i thought i'd share if you haven't seen already...this  is from a children's designer named Jan Elani and i find it to be soo creative!
From experience,  I know how overwhelming it is to keep every single piece of paper my daughter her it's all very special!
this is just a great way to collaborate all those special drawings!

xoxo's nan

Monday, February 22, 2010

{dreamy bedrooms}

when i saw this picture I fell in LOVE...look how sweet
everything looks..soo soft on the eyes

this is not so much my style but, it's very romantic with all the lace
what i like is the setting it's ME!
this is serene in itself...the linen pillows, cover, sheer panels on each side, the orchid on the side table...awwww makes you want to kick off your flip flops and just day dream!
look at the ticking on the day bed w/ the damask throw and pillow...i adore how the blue ties in the entire cute would this be in a sunroom!

all images here

xoxo's nan

Thursday, February 18, 2010

{curbside treasure}

one day while driving back from the grocery store I spotted this little table on the side of the curb..I almost drove past it thinking it's just junk! I stopped the suburban, picked it up, took it home, cleaned it up, sanded off all the old stain{it was a cherry color}and WOW what a difference..the little table came back to life! I left it just like that..sanding it down gave it a rustic look...also, you can't see in the picture but, it has a really sweet gold inlay in the middle of leaves and some sort of design & a gold strip & clover looking design around the perimeter of the table top..some of it is missing but, that just gives it character!

I have been neglecting our master bathroom because I have the hardest time when it comes to decorating MY home & didn't want to buy anything until I knew exactly what look I wanted for  I'm sure most of you decorators know what i'm talking about? right? or is it just me? lol

 I placed this little table in our bathroom and found a few things i've collected and put it together....

you can see the inlay a bit better...these chippy white metal pots I found at my favorite thrift shop for $1 ea!

I've had this rustic rubbed bronze iron plate rack for going on 10 years.....I can't part with it....It was in my old bathroom and now in my new bathroom..i've always used it for great!
I need something else next to the bird print? can't quite figure it out yet...any ideas?

I still have more to decorate in here but, it's taken me this long to put up a picture so, you'll just have to wait for the rest to be finished! lol

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

{throwing a super bowl party?}

thinking about throwing a last minute super bowl party?
 here are a few foodie ideas i found to share

football cupcake...too cute! 
     Photo Credit: John Sparano         

yummy buffalo wings....i am getting hungry!

Nachos! these puppies are my favorite!

this cake looks yummmy!

look at these cuties!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

{my style : French Eclectic}

I found this neat site thru another blogger & wanted to share with all of you!
the site is sproots
you take a quick quiz by picking whether you like a room or not & then at the end it will  identify your style. 

Here's my results:
40% French Eclectic

40% Nantucket Style

20% Rustic Revival

I think it's pretty right on!

                 take the quiz and comment back and let me know if defines your style!

xoxo's Nan

Monday, February 1, 2010

{our home addition the begining stages}

this is the back of the house before we started on the new addition
clearing & leveling for our new addition
our house is on blocks so, we had to put in all the blocks first, second we framed and leveled and third which is this pic is putting in the subfloor...remember it's Sept in Houston & & it's still super HOT! lol

the exterior walls go up...

we put up the radiant barrier plywood {energy efficient}the downside is cell phone doesn't work well in the new addition! and framed the roof!
here we wrapped the house in this plastic for moisture control
how it ties in to our old house
putting in the new siding which we used hardi plank
& now i wish we would have used real wood like we had on the orginal part of the house.....hardi plank is very,  we have several cracked & chipped areas due to the carelessness of the subcontractor we hired.....ugggh 
we THOUGHT the subcontractor would change out the cracked, broken or chipped areas b/f he moved on to the next board BUT he didn't!
We can take the blame...we were the general contractors of our project we should have paid more attention & inspect section by section...we just didn't know.
 when we did notice & said something they wanted to charge us to remove, replace not only the broken, cracked or chipped peice..but, the ones around as well...hardi plank is not made to be moved once it's nailed in~it breaks very very easily...
so, my husband changed out a few but, not all....hopefully, when we finally get around to painting they {painter we will hire is "they"}can caulk it?
we still haven't painted the exterior of the house & it's been 3+ years!

here is my handyman hubby and my daugther...she was 4 & now she's 7 and were not
it's very expensive..we helped alot and cut some of the expense but, still!
the back of our house{which is our master bedroom & bath}

okay come back...i'll post more later!