Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{making changes....}

I'm excited to announce my new blog  Nancy elizabeth at home!! 

I have really enjoyed the last 2+ years here at "La Borda Bleu" but I was ready for a change!  

I want to Thank ALL who followed me here at La Borda Bleu and hope you will continue with me on my

new journey at

Nancy elizabeth at home

I'm a girl all about change! Nothing wrong with that...sometimes it's just necessary!!

xoxo's Nancy

Thursday, September 1, 2011

{Addicted? Maybe?...}

As many of you know I have a bit of a curbside trash addiction...several months ago on my way to the grocery store I spotted a shelving unit.  I got out of my suburban & took a quick look...I immediately saw potential{it's a disease} and went back home to beg my dear husband to help me with this fantastic find!   When we arrived he looked at me like "seriously Nancy, this is junk that's why it's here"  oh how quickly does he forget how I can see past all the holes, broken legs, paint...you get the picture...he finally agreed to load it up... I was thrilled or delusional?
We brought it home and then had picker's remorse... I rinsed it off & let it dry..came back to it and  the same thought...uggh! trash or should I try was spinning thru my head..

Here is my take on curbside treasures...you see something, you get excited, you get out, you look & you procure all while this little bit of consciousness it saying stop but, the thrill of finding something takes over...also, it's a you snooze you loose type deal...you just never know how long you have before 1. the trash trucks come by or 2. someone else saw exactly what you did and snatch it up!
 {rarely does this one happen}
ok here it is below....this is after I had my husband take the top off- I didn't take a picture before..my bad

 now you know why my husband looked at me like "seriously Nancy"?  
it looks like they used it to store paint and paint thinner...the top reaked of paint thinner, must have been leaking for months and it shredded the wood into little pieces.

the middle has some drawers & the last cubby is covered in metal?  I figured that maybe at one time this had doors on both side & possibly some type of pie safe? 
don't know....it's not super old maybe from the 60's?

we sanded, replaced a section in the back w/ a thin board...

  added thin board on both sides of the unit to cover up the holes....

 added more thin board on the inside to cover up the holes...

my husband cut a piece of wood for the top, added a thin molding around the sides to give it a finished look & a another piece of molding underneath.

filled in little nail holes with wood filler & sanded once more.

we have now primed it and ready for paint...I can't decide on paint color & it's on hold for right now. 

 I am currently using it to hold items for the upscale yard sale.  You ask "I thought that already happened?"  no, we had a busy summer & did I mention 3 digit weather around here!  
So, I'm hoping soon very soon..
I'd like to get our living room back & i'm sure the rest of my family as well.

Are you inspired? lol maybe this is not for you but, if your ever driving around and spot something don't be embarressed to stop, take a quick look because you never know! 
 Take it from me a professional or addict?! :)

* did I mention we have spent $20 on it...we had most of the material! {does this really make it ok? lol}

xoxo's Nancy

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Several months ago I ran across these cute little clay pots...I thought they were just adorable & picked them up for a few bucks....
I noticed 2 of them have a markings on the bottom & I felt like I won the lotto!
Ok a little exaggerated but, I do love when I stumble across items and they are signed!!
I couldn't wait to see what I found.  
I started my search and found out they are not just cute little clay pots they are actual Bonsai Pots!  
Seriously, Bonsai Pots never even crossed my mind.
maybe some of you out there would have known but, nope not me.

So, I have emailed a few Bonsai enthusiast to see if someone can help me identify the artist and possibly tell me how old or if they are new? And I wouldn't mind knowing if they are worth anything!
 $$$$$ I'm thinking a new kitchen..LOL

 I have 2 of these & these are the ones marked....

If anyone knows anything about these please email me!!  Would LOVE to know!  

xoxo's Nancy

Monday, August 29, 2011

{Master Bath & Reminder..}

During our little vacation I did a little shopping{ imaging that...} and bought a few little treasures for our master bathroom & reminders of what a beautiful time I had with my family this summer!

found a few sea shells while strolling at Bean Point,  bought the lovely sea spray & star fish.....

one of my favorite stores in Anna Maria was "Sand Dollar" I could literally stay in that store for hours...I had to make several trips I just couldn't get enough....I purchase a pair of linen embroidered hand towels..anything linen I just adore...

 and the 2 pearlized shell soap dishes {can't rememeber what the shells are called?}

I plan on making a shadow box out of our old chippy siding from our house
and line it with linen and attach the sea spray.
{another project to add to my many:)}

 we recently added drawer pulls & knobs...
I found these at Target & they didn't even break the bank!! I know aren't they GREAT!
made by Thomasville...not all stores carry them but, I know you can find them online...

 I am in the market for some new towels...we have had these for a couple of years now...they are not fluffy anymore....I never know how long to keep towels? I think 2 years is good? 
 I'd like to get a set of white monogrammed in taupe.  I've never been a fan of multi colored towels so, white it will be.

wishing all a very Happy Stress Free Monday!! :)