Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{evening browsing...}

Tonight I had an easy night which doesn't happen very often...I didn't have to cook dinner and my lil one went to bed early! 
 So, I have some quiet ME time and decided to take a cruise around to all my favorite stores & pretend shop...1st stop was  Anthropolie and there I saw a book called "Decorate"  which from what the review says it's written by  Holly Becker's who blogs over at Decor8! A fellow blogger! Isn't that just awesome! {btw-it is  co written by Joanna Copestick gathered my info from the 2 reviews?} 
 I suppose it just came out??   I'll have to run by Anthro and check it our for myself. 
I love a good decorating book especially if it's an eclectic mix!
some images from the book

I'm off to do more pretend shop!  Good Night & Sweet Dreams....
xoxo's Nancy

Monday, March 28, 2011

{it's a blue monday...}

in previous post i mentioned my daughter is in love with the color blue and that i have kicked around the idea of painting her room right?
well, this past weekend she finally convinced me but, i told her only 1 wall and she was thrilled!!

here is her room  color before in sw kilim beige{used thru-out the house} with devine white on ceiling and crown & base in navajo white

she chose a color out of the martha stewart line called "sunken pool"

as you can see where not finished decorating...since this picture we have changed a few things 
{ok I have changed a few things... :)}
btw- the yellow & pink pillow I WoN from a giveaway of a fellow blogger!! isn't it great!! 

funny lil thing my daughter  said after sleeping in her blue room the first night
 "mommy, last night i felt like i was in the sky on a cloud" 
so cute!

i'll reveal the finished room soon!!

It's a Blue MONDAY! gray skies..maybe rain by tues? hope so!!

xoxo's Nancy

Friday, March 25, 2011

{she looks great!....}

 a few weeks ago I bought this not SO pretty table for $100... I fell in love with the pedestal and brought her home, it reminded me of a table I saw at PB for much more dinero.
I knew that with a little tlc she would be a true jem! {previous post}
  I worked on her for a few days and for around $40 I made her  feel special again!  
I just love how she turned out! 
Now our family has a grown up table & we will truly enjoy our time around her! 

Here she is before

and here she is now....

i find it to be a little drab with all the brown so, I think I may add some seat cushions to brighten up the space.  We are currently inquiring on getting some siding done and have to save up for that so, chairs for her will come much later.

here is a cute shot of madeliene with her 2 buddies from across the street...I love capturing moments of her just being a day she'll be all grown up... ok I don't even want to think about it! I want to enjoy every minute of it :)

Proverbs 17:6
Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.

Happy FRiday!!

xoxo's Nancy

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{someone's trash....}

Today like any other day I was just cruising down the road driving my little tid bits to school WHEN right in front of me I saw this chair!! I'm such a sucker for chairs ESPECIALLY when they are FREE!  I pulled over.. well maybe not all the way over, jumped out  and threw it in the suburban! 

I love the toile print on it but, it's kinda worn around the front of the chair & missing some of the cording....maybe I can take it off and wash it & use a linen cording? I'm definitely going to paint it...
but, first I am finishing up the dining table...I kinda slacked since we went on our mini vacay last week.

ok SO now my other find not free but, very inexpensive!  a little patio set from probably the 60's?  it needs to be re-sprayed but, it's ok for favorite are the chairs look at the little quarter foil cut-outs...super cute!

 and now a cute pic of my little sugar bear that I thought was adorable!! she is growing up right before my eyes and i'm having a hard time embracing it! ugghhh :(

and another of her enjoying her nachos at the pool....i mean REALLY enjoying them! 

ok, my hubby just got home with my paintbrush gotta run!

xoxo's Nancy

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{I have a winner!....}

Many Thanks to all who entered my little giveaway!! and for all my new friends!! :)

We have a winner!!

I used a random number generator and the winner is #11!!! Kibba!! 

Congrats Friend!!

Please email me your mailing address!!  

Kibba-I love the bird pictures. Where did you get them? I would put the nests on the ledge of my split level. The moss rocks would go in a huge vase. Great blog!

Monday, March 14, 2011

{spring break has begun!!...}

I will be back later this week as our Spring Break has begun!! woohoo let the festivities begin! 
Don't forget to enter my little giveaway here!

Here are a few pics to gear you up for St. Patty's Day!!!  
Is green the next BLUE? 

xoxo's Nancy

Thursday, March 10, 2011

{Spring Vignette #3.....}

Ok, here is my last spring vignette! I wanted to see how many different styles I could put together  without buying a single thing!
I came up with 3 and probably can muster up a few more!
 I'm an addict of re-arranging!  
This vignette is more on the mod/eclectic side & my husband's favorite look of all 3.
  I kinda figured since it's more of a masculine look w/ the blues and browns & plus I incorporated his Art Deco books.  He asked me why I used the coral?? my answer "it's a hot trend right now, don't ya know?" he doesn't but, it's all good! :)
 Now you can see how versatile moss rocks and speckled eggs are...they will fit in almost every decor :) Don't forget to enter the giveaway!!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

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xoxo's nancy

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{Spring Vignette #2.....}

I have been SO inspired by the beautiful weather & Spring just around the corner!!
So,  I wanted to challenge myself to use things around my house and see how many different Spring vignettes I could put together with items I already owned!!
The vignette from the last post is more of a traditional style compared to this one, I say this is more shabby chic eclectic.
Here's what I did:  
I used the same lampshade & just used another lamp I had, changed out the frame on the bird print to a silver bamboo I purchased a few days ago for $18{it had a raccoon litho by Gene Murray worth at least $75!~put it in the other frame}, the stool I got for FREE, pillow is from the extra room, couple of old books from the book shelf and just added a couple things and there you go!

I'm going to see if I can pull off a modern/eclectic style vignette without having to purchase anything...gotta get my thinking cap on and try to remember what I have stashed away in boxes and closets!  

and don't forget to enter the giveaway!! you too can have fun with a few moss ball, birds nest & eggs!!

Let me know if you are up to a "Spring Vignette Challenge" & I'll come take a look...shoot maybe I'll even feature you on this blog of mine!!

Transformation Thursday

The DIY Show Off
xoxo's Nancy

{Spring Vignette and.....}

A little spring vignette I put together for 

Can you believe!!  I think I had one giveaway in the past but, not on La Borda Bleu..anyhoo I'm excited I may just do it more often!!

{for US residents only...sorry}

The lucky winner will receive  2 little boxes of sweetness for spring decorating!

{10 pieces of Moss Rocks}
{4 little birds nest and 27 blue and tan speckled eggs} they are adorable!!

 I found them at Tar-jay and picked up 2 extra boxes!

To enter it's very simple!!

 leave me a comment & tell me how you would incorporate them in your spring decor!!

for extra chances you can:

{make sure you  comment for each entry incase I figure out!}

~ would LOVE for you to become a friend of mine!!
 ~already a follower, Thanks!! {make sure to let me know in comment}
~ post giveaway on your blog & tell me :)
 ~"like" La Borda Bleu on FB & tell me :)

I will try to do the  if I can figure it out or I may just put numbers in a bowl and have my little sugar bear pick! 

Will be selecting winner March 16th at 9:00 a.m. central!! 

Good Luck!!

Transformation Thursday

xoxo's Nancy