Thursday, March 3, 2011

{a diamond in the rough....}

The other day I spotted this not so beauty but, I had a feeling she may be a jewel with a little TLC. 
  She had me at "pedestal" and I know she will be just lovely!
 I just loved her look, she's very grown up looking. 
 It reminded me of a table I saw at PB but, you all know how much things cost at PB and I really have a problem buying new wood furniture.  I like to search high and low for a gem! It makes me proud & appreciate it even more if I have to work on it.  Silly I know.

My beauty was wayyy less dinero {$} then any PB offering..I paid a whopping $100 bananas for it! I know right...what a bargain!  The dining room table we have now was actually FREE & just recently gave it a make-over & my thoughts on that table is NOT to get rid of it but, to use it out on the patio.  I already have my husband thinking about the benches he's going to build for her!  I don't waste time...HA!

she's made out of pine which is a softwood and it's ok...I don't mind.

since it's a softwood I didn't bother stripping it..instead I just used the Big Gun Sander...

it took me 30 minutes to sand the entire top of the table with this baby! I used 80 grit sandpaper....

then I used a 120 grit paper to smooth out the top...your suppose to use several grits in between but, I didn''s ok  :)

then, sanded the base.  I'm not touching the ball I think it's in good shape.

This is what your hands look like if you don't wear gloves. 
 My husband was sooo sweet to find a pair of gloves for me but, they had holes on each finger tip! 
umm, did he think these were going to work? sometimes I wonder :)

so, I didn't wear any...nothing a little lotion won't  take care of.

now off to lowes to buy pre- stain wood conditioner and stain ~the conditioner helps even out your stain so it won't look all blotchy.

xoxo's nancy

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Fran said...

Wow! Great find - can't wait to see the after!