Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Words of wisdom by....}

The last couple of days I have not been feeling well and the only thing I've been doing is going from couch to bed...hate being, today while laying in bed I watched Nate Berkus show..which by the way I LOVE! Today Maya Angelou was one of his guest and what an amazing lady she is... she is so full of wisdom and just love the way she thinks before she speaks.  I wanted to share a quote that just stood out to me today....
she so eloquently said "Home is not only a location BUT a destination"  
I just love it and so true! 
 It is a destination~ it's the one place I love to be!


xoxo's Nancy

Sunday, January 23, 2011

{please excuse my madness...}

I'm in the midst of trying to change my blog header and I'm having a hard time getting it to fit and look sharp and not fuzzy....sorry ahead of time if you see header after header...I'm working on a new look!
I don't have photoshop - I'm working in picnik.  It's worked for me in the past??
I can't figure out the header size and I know I had it written down
maybe I just need to hire someone to redesign my blog!

xoxo's Nancy

{I just discovered...}

I just discovered this magazine thru another blog
I haven't heard about it til just now! 
   It's called Adore Home Magazine 
It's inspiring and informative!

Featured in the magazine is Jonathan Adler..LOVE LOVE his style!
check out his site as well...

click on pic below to take you to his website!
you won't regret!

Happy Sunday Ya'll!!

xoxo's Nancy

Thursday, January 13, 2011

{Organizing one room at a time...}

I've come to realize that it's impossible for our home to stay organized.
 decided to tackle what I have been neglecting.
our closet
extra bedroom
 I'm constantly purging things thing things around here....not sure how we accumulate SOO much stuff.
 Is it possible to stay organized?? hmmmmm
I'm happy to report I'm almost finished with the master bedroom closet!!
I just need a couple of things which I'm hoping to get today THAT'S if I decide to get out in this cold weather...brrrrr.

before.... my side of the closet.

my husbands side of the closet...not any better than mine so, not feeling too bad :)

so far 

need to find the missing flip flop above??? our dog Susie likes to go around at night and kidnap shoes & stuffed's quite funny 

the flip flop basket...I purged several pairs that I've been holding onto for some odd reason...

and the hubby's side...


my office...ugggh!

I'll check in later with my progress!

Stay snuggly warm today!

xoxo's Nancy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{bathroom tile inspiration...}

I've been shopping around for tile and WOW I was really suprised at what tile is costing these days!
So, with this said I'm definetely going to try really hard to stay in budget and buy at my local home store! Now, to figure out how to get a high end look on a beer budget!  
 Here are 2 bathroom showers that I really like courtesy of Sarah Richardson.  I've been a fan for many years and just love the way everything she designs always looks so chic & timeless.  
Ok, this is what I have to work with..our master bathroom has dark cabinets, creamy walls, travertine flooring, speckled brown & cream granite, oiled rubbed  bronze fixture and I'd say it's a good size.  The shower as I mentioned before is not a big space and  I have to be really careful of what color tiles I use.  I really like the idea of the stripes mixed with a neutral color pallet on the sides & flooring {first pic}& the use of glass tiles in both showers.
decisions know its much harder for me to design my own, it takes me 3x as long to figure things out!  

  Brrrr, it's quite cold here today.
I think I need more coffee to warm me up.   

Have a great day!
xoxo's Nancy

Friday, January 7, 2011

{Like totally Awesome!..}

My precious girl turned 8 in Decemeber and for her bday
she wanted to have a skate, me being the way I am I had to find a theme!
So, I suggested an 80's theme and she loved the idea
needless to say it brought back many fond memories of my days back in the 80's!!
We had SO much fun putting her party together!
Below are a few pics of her Bday Party....

here is a cute pic of her and her daddy...she looks more like Rainbow Bright right? 
I had to crimp her hair...she had no idea what crimped hair was, so we went to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought her a crimping iron & crimped her hair.  She LOVED it!
 I had my share of crimmped hair in the 80's!

her friends also dressed up 80' they are striking a pose! 

old school skaters....I know I didn't crimp but, thought about it :)

ski ball!!!

I  remember spending hours racking up tickets just to get one of these .5 cent toys...
tho still my all time favoirte game.

Have a great weekend!

xoxo's Nancy

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{New Year New Project, well maybe not SO new...}

Here is our master bathroom shower...incomplete.
we finished everything else in our bathroom except this little spot called the "shower".
For the last year we have taken all our showers in our daughters bathroom & I'm sure she is ready for us to get movin on it!

You can't see it in this picture but underneath the boxes is a shower seat...I know I couldn't believe we actually had space for it in this tiny shower, but we managed to squeeze it in the space & I think it's was a good decision!
I have to admit it  has come in handy for storing boxes & hiding all of Madeleine's Christmas gifts! :)

So, first- since we had the liner installed by the plumber we are now ready for the concrete to be poured... I need to DIY on how to do it...should be easy right? 

then, I will go shopping for tile...yipee! 
 I am really liking the rectangular large tiles{modern/chic look}
staying very neutral & light since it's a small space
 medium to dark colored tiles would make it look like a cave... plus our bathroom cabinets are dark and granite is on the brown/beige side..
i'll add color with pictures and such....

I have SO many more projects in mind but, this is first on my list.

xoxo's Nancy