Friday, January 7, 2011

{Like totally Awesome!..}

My precious girl turned 8 in Decemeber and for her bday
she wanted to have a skate, me being the way I am I had to find a theme!
So, I suggested an 80's theme and she loved the idea
needless to say it brought back many fond memories of my days back in the 80's!!
We had SO much fun putting her party together!
Below are a few pics of her Bday Party....

here is a cute pic of her and her daddy...she looks more like Rainbow Bright right? 
I had to crimp her hair...she had no idea what crimped hair was, so we went to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought her a crimping iron & crimped her hair.  She LOVED it!
 I had my share of crimmped hair in the 80's!

her friends also dressed up 80' they are striking a pose! 

old school skaters....I know I didn't crimp but, thought about it :)

ski ball!!!

I  remember spending hours racking up tickets just to get one of these .5 cent toys...
tho still my all time favoirte game.

Have a great weekend!

xoxo's Nancy


Angie said...

SO CUTE!! Happy belated bday to your daughter!

La Borda Bleu said...

Thanks Angie! It was a blast! xoxo's Nancy