Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{New Year New Project, well maybe not SO new...}

Here is our master bathroom shower...incomplete.
we finished everything else in our bathroom except this little spot called the "shower".
For the last year we have taken all our showers in our daughters bathroom & I'm sure she is ready for us to get movin on it!

You can't see it in this picture but underneath the boxes is a shower seat...I know I couldn't believe we actually had space for it in this tiny shower, but we managed to squeeze it in the space & I think it's was a good decision!
I have to admit it  has come in handy for storing boxes & hiding all of Madeleine's Christmas gifts! :)

So, first- since we had the liner installed by the plumber we are now ready for the concrete to be poured... I need to DIY on how to do it...should be easy right? 

then, I will go shopping for tile...yipee! 
 I am really liking the rectangular large tiles{modern/chic look}
staying very neutral & light since it's a small space
 medium to dark colored tiles would make it look like a cave... plus our bathroom cabinets are dark and granite is on the brown/beige side..
i'll add color with pictures and such....

I have SO many more projects in mind but, this is first on my list.

xoxo's Nancy

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Angie said...

How exciting!! I would kill for a shower bench! ;)