Thursday, January 13, 2011

{Organizing one room at a time...}

I've come to realize that it's impossible for our home to stay organized.
 decided to tackle what I have been neglecting.
our closet
extra bedroom
 I'm constantly purging things thing things around here....not sure how we accumulate SOO much stuff.
 Is it possible to stay organized?? hmmmmm
I'm happy to report I'm almost finished with the master bedroom closet!!
I just need a couple of things which I'm hoping to get today THAT'S if I decide to get out in this cold weather...brrrrr.

before.... my side of the closet.

my husbands side of the closet...not any better than mine so, not feeling too bad :)

so far 

need to find the missing flip flop above??? our dog Susie likes to go around at night and kidnap shoes & stuffed's quite funny 

the flip flop basket...I purged several pairs that I've been holding onto for some odd reason...

and the hubby's side...


my office...ugggh!

I'll check in later with my progress!

Stay snuggly warm today!

xoxo's Nancy


Miss Mac said...

Looks good! Good luck with the office :)

Shannon @ The House Creative said...

Ok, so I am not alone with the clothes! My daughter has about 6 containers full of clothes too..and she is almost 7.. I didnt save as many with my son, because I realized I had a problem with my daughter. Cant wait to see the office progress. :-)

Fran said...

Great job!! Closet organization is a huge accomplishment in my book! Thanks for stopping by and becoming my 100th follower!! Yipee! You made my day! BTW, great blog!