Friday, May 29, 2009

{i love this bed}

at potterybarn... i've been in search for a bed for madeleine's new room & this maybe it! maybe i need to start saving up!

{sweet pea theme shower}

I made the flower arrangement- really simple...i bought the bucket at hobby lobby & bought flowers at costco(best price for flowers!) added water & ribbon and there you go! ~the cupcakes were sooo much fun..i saw the cupcake wrappers on a site & searched and searched until i found the distributor & luckily there were a couple of gift shops in houston that carried them! i was soo excited!! very inexpensive maybe .50 ea. ~ totally dressed them up!! they make different ones for bday parties, halloween etc.

i had the molds from another shower i hosted (lil trains, pins, duckies..ect. ) bought chocolate & used food coloring to match the theme of lime green & blue....not perfect but good enough....then, i topped each cupcake.. when i saw these scalloped boxes i just found them to be adorable...i knew i could use them so, i bought several packages....then, i figure out what i could use them for..YES, the chocolate covered pretzels w/ blue sprinkles that madeleine and i made!(madeleine loved this project !)...i adorned w/ grosgrain ribbon & sweetpea sticker (ordered online w/ trevors name).

my friend loves loves topiary trees SO, i decided to make a topiary out of diapers!
what do you think? it really was super cute and made a great centerpiece!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

{2008 "SPA-Tacular" Bday Party...she's 6!}

spa lady character found online can't remeber where...i added my personal touch & came out just perfect!..LOVED ittable was really acting up that day? i need a cannon rebel! but, then need
the girls had a mani-pedi...station i set-up for them to pick-out color and good smelly foot scrub...bought at target $.50 each..clearanced...gotta love it!

chocolate fountain- lot of fun...the girls LOVED the fountain...
strawberries, coconut & plain marshmallows, pretzels & cookies

one "SPA-Tacular" happy girly :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

{2007 Hannah Montana bday party....she's growing up, she's 5!}

is this Hannah Montana?....i remember she really thought she looked like her..sweetheart too cute!

picture i took and used for her invitaitons..... i thought i took a picuture of the invitations but, guess it got lost in computer picture file?? computers! I found the invitation...uploading soon!

the end of the party.....

{2006 Groovy Girl Bday Party......she's 4!}

Pinata made by a local homemaker ...she copied a picture i gave her from the party napkins...she turned out great and taller than madeleine!

Here is the cake I designed...made by a local baker in houston- she is soo talented. the cake was filled with strawberry mousse! oh it was delightful :)

one of my favorite pictures of madeleine during her bday party!

Friday, May 22, 2009

{2005 Princess Party.....she's 3! awwwww}

sitting on top of this 3 tiered platter is the invitation i sent out...found at hobby lobby

Our lil sweet madeleine(turning 3)....

The 1st picture- she's in the horse and carriage we rented - the kids had a blast going up & down the street- talk about ROYAL cruising! 2nd picture - i made her tutu ...put lil pom poms all over it-it came out better than expected! i purchased the crown & fairy wings at bombay kids...i went to walmart and bought her a plain white long sleeve w/ sparkles & had it monogrammed with a crown over her initial. the outfit was just adorable!

i'm not a baker as you can see...BUT we (hubby and I ) made 2 cakes and put them together and cut out the crown. my husband is very intricate when it comes to details....
i just kinda wing it.

the table set-up was a big gathered around in AWWW of all the goodies and let's not forget about the parents.....i made sure we had something for them as well...we always plan for both...we had white chocolate preztel sticks w/ sprinkles, cookies, pb&j sandwhiches..can't remember what's was tastey& filling!