Friday, May 29, 2009

{sweet pea theme shower}

I made the flower arrangement- really simple...i bought the bucket at hobby lobby & bought flowers at costco(best price for flowers!) added water & ribbon and there you go! ~the cupcakes were sooo much fun..i saw the cupcake wrappers on a site & searched and searched until i found the distributor & luckily there were a couple of gift shops in houston that carried them! i was soo excited!! very inexpensive maybe .50 ea. ~ totally dressed them up!! they make different ones for bday parties, halloween etc.

i had the molds from another shower i hosted (lil trains, pins, duckies..ect. ) bought chocolate & used food coloring to match the theme of lime green & blue....not perfect but good enough....then, i topped each cupcake.. when i saw these scalloped boxes i just found them to be adorable...i knew i could use them so, i bought several packages....then, i figure out what i could use them for..YES, the chocolate covered pretzels w/ blue sprinkles that madeleine and i made!(madeleine loved this project !)...i adorned w/ grosgrain ribbon & sweetpea sticker (ordered online w/ trevors name).

my friend loves loves topiary trees SO, i decided to make a topiary out of diapers!
what do you think? it really was super cute and made a great centerpiece!

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