Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Several months ago I ran across these cute little clay pots...I thought they were just adorable & picked them up for a few bucks....
I noticed 2 of them have a markings on the bottom & I felt like I won the lotto!
Ok a little exaggerated but, I do love when I stumble across items and they are signed!!
I couldn't wait to see what I found.  
I started my search and found out they are not just cute little clay pots they are actual Bonsai Pots!  
Seriously, Bonsai Pots never even crossed my mind.
maybe some of you out there would have known but, nope not me.

So, I have emailed a few Bonsai enthusiast to see if someone can help me identify the artist and possibly tell me how old or if they are new? And I wouldn't mind knowing if they are worth anything!
 $$$$$ I'm thinking a new kitchen..LOL

 I have 2 of these & these are the ones marked....

If anyone knows anything about these please email me!!  Would LOVE to know!  

xoxo's Nancy

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