Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{Hey chick!...}

Look who's been coming around every morning!  Yep, check this chick out!  

Mind you I don't live on a 

farm nor near anything that remotely looks like a farm so, where is this chick from?  

All I know is this chick is very messy!  

She has been destroying my unkept flowerbeds,  pecking holes thru-out the yard & 

teasing our dogs!... they sure do think she is great looking if you know what I mean!!!  

So, what do I do? let this chick stick around? wth?

Madeleine is now saying it's hers and she is going to start feeding her! 

I had to put the brakes on that thought rather quickly!!  

 She sure is cute tho but, NO not going to fall for it!  :)

pics are a little shaky she is just SO busy!

xoxo's Nancy

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