Sunday, August 21, 2011

{Summer Days Gone By...}

I am kinda sad that today is the last day of Summer for us :(  It's been in the 3 digits and haven't been

able to enjoy the outdoors...soon enough Fall will come right?

I'm still in beach mode tho...

Below are some more pics of our summer get-a-way

A picture of us on her very first flight...I think I was a little more on edge 

than she was...we hit a bit of turbulence on the flight and can I tell you on was in stitches until we 

landed...uggh not my favorite and then, my loving husband reminded me of how that infomercial guy 

died from hitting his head during a flight with turbulence...yeah thanks a lot! lol

I had several of these with my husband...being from Texas I really do enjoy a tasty frozen margarita.

my husband looked amazing with a little color on those cheeks and his eyes were as blue as the ocean!

 I think  know I fell in love with him all over again!!

We really needed a vacation and it showed!

It's times like this that remind me of how much I adore him and how lucky I am to have him right next to 

me at all times!   

a little shopping took place as well :)

soo beachy! Love Lily Pulitzer!!

Classic for sure! never goes out of style in my fashion book! 

Vera Bradley...super cute! I wanted one of each...

we had GREAT food and it shows...5 lbs later

until we meet again Anna Maria Florida,  we will miss you!

Starting school in the morning & still in shock my sweet baby is in 3rd grade!

 Off I go to get everything ready!

xoxo's Nancy

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