Friday, August 26, 2011

{It's FRIDAY Family time!!...}

Here at La Casa Carey it's pizza, popcorn & movie night! 

 It was back to school and boy was it hard to getting back on schedule....miss you summer :(

But, thank God for Fridays!!

 Looking forward to weekend & especially not having to wake up at 6 AM!

woohoo let the weekend begin! {already in my pj's and it' only 7!}

Just wanted to pop in {no pun} and wish you all a very relaxing weekend!!

Here's what's on the big screen tonight!

Hope it worth watching but truthfully it's FRIDAY Family time so, it's doesn't matter!

Tomorrow we have a special bday boy named Travis {my nephew}!! We are taking him out to his favorite restaurant in Midtown for some delicious Vietnamese food- he particularly loves PHO..
I love the BBQ Pork Vermicelli! OMG to die for!!

Love you Travis and we wish you the bestess bday yet!

xoxo's Nancy

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Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

We love Friday nights and movies at our house, too. I think there's nothing better than being in your cozies and just relaxing. I hope you had a lovely evening and enjoy dinner tonight!