Monday, February 1, 2010

{our home addition the begining stages}

this is the back of the house before we started on the new addition
clearing & leveling for our new addition
our house is on blocks so, we had to put in all the blocks first, second we framed and leveled and third which is this pic is putting in the subfloor...remember it's Sept in Houston & & it's still super HOT! lol

the exterior walls go up...

we put up the radiant barrier plywood {energy efficient}the downside is cell phone doesn't work well in the new addition! and framed the roof!
here we wrapped the house in this plastic for moisture control
how it ties in to our old house
putting in the new siding which we used hardi plank
& now i wish we would have used real wood like we had on the orginal part of the house.....hardi plank is very,  we have several cracked & chipped areas due to the carelessness of the subcontractor we hired.....ugggh 
we THOUGHT the subcontractor would change out the cracked, broken or chipped areas b/f he moved on to the next board BUT he didn't!
We can take the blame...we were the general contractors of our project we should have paid more attention & inspect section by section...we just didn't know.
 when we did notice & said something they wanted to charge us to remove, replace not only the broken, cracked or chipped peice..but, the ones around as well...hardi plank is not made to be moved once it's nailed in~it breaks very very easily...
so, my husband changed out a few but, not all....hopefully, when we finally get around to painting they {painter we will hire is "they"}can caulk it?
we still haven't painted the exterior of the house & it's been 3+ years!

here is my handyman hubby and my daugther...she was 4 & now she's 7 and were not
it's very expensive..we helped alot and cut some of the expense but, still!
the back of our house{which is our master bedroom & bath}

okay come back...i'll post more later!

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