Wednesday, February 3, 2010

{my style : French Eclectic}

I found this neat site thru another blogger & wanted to share with all of you!
the site is sproots
you take a quick quiz by picking whether you like a room or not & then at the end it will  identify your style. 

Here's my results:
40% French Eclectic

40% Nantucket Style

20% Rustic Revival

I think it's pretty right on!

                 take the quiz and comment back and let me know if defines your style!

xoxo's Nan


Simply Mel said...

I love little quizzes like this! Going to see what I like now - ha!

La Borda Bleu said...

Me too! The funny thing is my taste changes everytime I take the quiz{i took it 2 times due to i got disconnected & didn't finish this possible?..LOL}! oh well it's fun...xoxo's nan