Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{finding the perfect outdoor lighting}

the first picture is what i have up right now...i bought this collection got home and opened the boxes, pulled them out and guess what???  the 2 wall lights were black instead of the rubbed bronze!  the ceiling light was the right color and i really like it...i went back to the store to see if maybe i just had 2 bad boxes and turns out they were all the same color...uggggh
we went ahead and put them up & i just don't like the difference in husband thinks it's okay but,  i just can't get over it....i'm sure you can't even
so, back to shopping for outdoor are a few i like..can't decide!
so far this is my favorite! i like the cottage farmhouse's in a pewter color...this is from lowes
this on is different but, not sure how 2 would look at each end of the house?  home depot
or this one?  lowes

i have to decide brother in law will be over in a few days to take the old ones down....

xoxo's Nan


Katy said...

Oh, I like those lights. I really would like to get some new ones' for outside. (Well, inside the house as well.)

La Borda Bleu said...

Hi Katy! it's hard to find lights that are not soo expensive and at the same time NOT everyone, this is what i came up with..i still haven't
we have had rainy weather impossible to switch out.
thanks for the comment!
xoxo's nan