Thursday, June 16, 2011

{Big Lou's...}

Over the weekend we headed back towards SA with the entire family this time...we went to back to 

Texas Pride for dinner and for lunch the next day to  "Big Lou's" it's a pizzeria but, not your normal 

Pizza Hut type...check this out!

can you say super SIZED?  it was a whopping 37"!

the kids were in awwww....

 couldn't wait to dig in...

 one slice was as long as my

and really great pizza!  So, if ever in San Antonio look up Big Lou''s quite an experience!

 "Man Vs Food" had been there!   Wonder if he finished it all? 

If you noticed I haven't been doing much on decorating or being creative JUST EATING!

I just lost the 4lbs I gained in the last 2 weeks! 

I'll check in later as I have company coming Friday and need to tidy up!

xoxo's Nancy

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