Monday, June 27, 2011

{a few things i'm LOVING right now...}

 San Tropez from really pretty on and reminds me of summer at the a sandy color :) our neck of the woods it's been super dry and the fleas have taken over our pets!  

I have tried everything  from frontline, flea dips, treating the yard and nothing was working...I felt so 

extremely sad for the dogs{we have 4..i know} 

until I discovered Comfortis!!! {insert angels rejoicing here}

this stuff REALLY WORKS!  It's a pill and they didn't shy away when I offered it to them...

in a few hours those pesty fleas were GONE O!!

so, if your in desperate need for some kick ass flea killer go and get it NOW!  

your pets will LOVE you and you will feel soooo much better as well :)


Starbucks Passion  Lemonade Tea

this is our summer refresher but at $4 a pop I decided to make my own!!

Starbucks uses TAZO brand which most groceries carry and cost for several tea bags it's like $3.89!

I make a pitcher of it at a time.... boil water,  steep 5 packets w/ 1 lemon tea bag 

{found box of lemon tea for $1.00}


sugar and there you go! 

Passion Lemonade Tea without breaking the bank!

I am just now getting around to setting up for the sale I'm hoping to have in the next few weeks...ugh 

have a ton to do while my girl is at camp...i'll check in later this week till then, enjoy your week!

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