Thursday, May 19, 2011

{Caught on Camera...}

The other day my daughter was sooo excited about a new bug she had never seen before & 

by the sounds of it neither have I?? She said, it's like a big ant with wings like a fly and furry like a 

bee....? Hmmm, she caught my curiosity and I wanted her to show me what she was so dang thrilled 

about.  Days passed and she couldn't find one to show me UNTIL the other day when she got home 

from school she was determined to find one & she did!  She ran inside with total excitement 

and grabbed my camera..she wouldn't tell me why she needed it.  I heard her & the hubby outside 

oohing and ahhh'n {such a word? oh well} and didn't see her again for about 30 minutes.

Then, it was LOOK mommy LOOK mommy I found "the bug" to show you...I said, where is it??? 

she said in your camera!  LOL omgoodness I almost p'd in my pants. 

 So, I uploaded the pictures she took.

and well here they are below...have you ever seen this bug before? nope, me neither...

 her pics are great! {she's 8!}

{the unknown bug}

{the unknown bug}

then, she went on an adventure....she loves ladybugs 

stinkbug in our bell pepper plant

 I suppose she looked up in the tree...{web worms...this pic calls for some treatment soon!}

I took this pic to show you our  storage/shed in our's my thought on this building..

{i've been doing a lot of thinking lately}

 you know how I've been tinkering ideas of opening up a shop/studio in previous post? Ok, well after 

talking to my mom she said why don't you just use the shed you have out back? I have in the past but, 

gave up the idea awhile has a ton of stuff in it like tools, wood, tools, doors...etc

A BIG Thank YOU to mom  b/c she shed some light on it once again!!

{no pun } goal now is to get a storage shed built for my husband or get some kind of container to house 

all his stuff SO I can use this shed for my studio!!!  

 I have to come up with the $ right?  ughhh...etsy shop opening soon!! & Up Scale Yard Sale!!

I think it's all becoming clearer every day!!

And Thanks for all the lovely encouraging comments...keep them coming Lord knows I need them!!!

xoxo's Nancy


design elements said...

wonderful photos! lovely greetings

The Polished Pebble said...

I love the Upsacle Yardsale! What a great idea...and then you will get your new studio!

xo kelley

'LUSH' said...

Seems as though your dream is coming along as intended! How wonderful to have family members willing to help! Anxious to continue reading the story!