Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{first decorating diy shows...rewind}

Totally random post....

I was laying in bed {sick again..ugggh} thinking about the first decorating/home improvement shows I was glued to back in the mid 90's.  I want to say this is how the list goes:

1.  This Old House-Bob Villa- then Norm came along or was he always around...my head is a lil foggy from all the meds right now...

2.  The Furniture Guys- they mostly did upholstery and staining

3.  Katie Brown

4. Can't remember the name of the show but it was on HGTV and it was the woman w/ short reddish hair and a man with dark hair..they were super corny but, I still watched.

5.  Trading Spaces

So, there you go now you know!
Hope you all have a wonderful week and I'm praying I feel better by the morning!!

I'd like to hear what shows you watched....

and another random thing...I was on the Antique Road Show -Houston 1995 or 96'
I wasn't featured... I was one of the rubber necker's you see in the back ground while they are filming.  :)

xoxo's Nancy

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