Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{a gallery wall for my little artist....}

{click on picture to see more of the wall}

 I finally mustard up the courage to hang pictures in my daughters room
I know weird right?  me scared! LOL
 I've created a gallery wall of her art and a few things we've collected at thru the years.
She actually found the M at antique show we took her to last year...she's learning! 
 It's navy blue enamel very cool.
I still have a chalk board to hang and a few more pictures but, I need to get frames...the entire wall is going to be covered with pictures and such.


I even put up pictures in the hallway that have been sitting in a box for going on 2 or maybe even 3 years!  I didn't like the frames so, that's what kept me from putting them up.
I think I like them again...hmmmm
not buying any new frames anytime soon so I have to convince myself ya know?

and coming soon...

I received a  Stylish Blogger Award!!! 

I know ME!! WOW I was super stoked!!

So, what I have to do is write 7 things about myself which I have found it to be quite hard so,  this is why I have yet to formally accept the award!  LOL

Also, I  will be awarding 10 of my favorite blogs the same Stylish Blogger Award! 

ok, I have to go out in this bitter cold weather over yonder and cover up some of my plants b/f the freeze we're having tonight and the next few nights!
WE may even have a chance of SNOW at the end of the week!

stay warm! 

xoxo's Nancy


Shelly Gregory said...

I love the personalities that each home owner/decorator has when creating their picture wall. However, I absolutely love the wall with your daughter's art! I would hang those in my own home! They're incredible! Truthfully!

La Borda Bleu said...

I'll let her know...she's pretty proud of her wall!! xoxo's Nancy