Monday, November 22, 2010

{SCORE! Madeleine's room part 2}

I can't believe we found them! These bedside hanging lamps have been on our list to buy for a while now & every time we go to Ikea they are sold out!  Yesterday we cruised on over to Ikea, had had lunch and then hit the isles- made our rounds & then to the lamp dept. just to see if they had them in...AND there they were "the last 2"!! {SCORE!} We snatched them up like no tomorrow! {SCORE!}
We also found these pillow covers...stripped blue/red/cream for the euros and a velvety red one as well..we bought a few other things so, you'll have to come back to see what else we found! 
 {We - meaning Madeleine my side kick  mini me & moi}

it was a cloudy day & I just could not get my canon point and shoot to work...uggh
sorry for the shabby dark pics...

the silhouettes- left one, she was 2 1/2 made at Disney World
the right,  6 1/2 at Key West by a street vendor
above each of them is a cute lil door knocker my husband bought many moons ago...i'll get a close up and show how cute they are when the sun comes out again...:)

xoxo's Nancy

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Leah said...

Those lamps are so cute and I love the silhouettes!!!