Wednesday, July 28, 2010

{chocolate dipped strawberries}

Hello everyone!  summer is here

 and i'm as busy as ever with my girl!

keeping her entertained is a full time job around here

but, I love it!  so, until school starts up again....

my post will be here and there!

 have a safe and fun summer!


I turned 40 last week :)

 and for my birthday gathering I decided to

make some chocolate dipped strawberries...

a lil champagne and strawberries = LOVE!


and below a lovely surprise from a dear friend!

a divine piece of chocolate cake w/ berries & bottle of champagne!!

missed you all these years Steph!


xoxo's nancy


La Dolfina said...

Happy Birthday!!
Your strawberries look divine :)
Thanks for following me and bringing me over here.
I'll be back soon,

Jane and Lou said...

yummy..... Jane:)