Thursday, August 5, 2010

{wallpaper in a different light}

i questioned i have the nerve to wallpaper?

ugggh....that's a serious question knowing what it takes to

take it down once your tired of it right?

 well i'm not sure if it's easier now then before but WOW

there are beautiful prints to choose from

and guess who's back?

{foil -metallic wallpaper}

i am going to search for a room with cottage chic and a splash of foil...

hmmm does this exist?

the pics below really shows how wallpaper can make a statement in any room....

these rooms are fully covered...but how about wallpapering one wall & making it 

the  focal wall?

i'm kicking around the idea of wallpapering a wall in my daughters room

foil you say? maybe? a geometric shape? maybe?

she's 7 going on 16  wanting to be a teen SOO, with that said..

she wants to re-vamp her room

...if it were up to me i'd keep her at this age forever!

foil would add that sparkle every teen is after these days

 OR tween should i say.....


images :  House Beautiful, Home and Gardens, Country Living, Wandrdesign, Designyourwall

xoxo's nancy


the polished pebble said...

I love the last one! Really great and so big!


La Borda Bleu said...

Hi Kelley! YES, that is my favorite as well! I found other rooms that would have been awesome to post but, pics were protected...bummer

xoxo's nancy

Jane and Lou said...

What a great collection of photos. I live and dream that one day my house will look so amazing... Isn't it wonderful that blogging means we can connect and share with people all over the world. I have just followed your sweet blog for you, so please check mine out @ Jane:)

Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

I had the nerve to wallpaper my foyer and I love it!
It's my favorite space in our home!
Have you seen it?
If not, here's the link:
I say: "GO FOR IT!"