Sunday, June 27, 2010

{itching to decorate...}

in this economy we have been super strapped for several months and i feel like i'm going to explode!

i can't take it much longer...i need to shop! heehee

well, it's not like i'm a shopaholic{wink wink} but, i would love to buy new furniture, rugs, lamps...

you know the necessities!{long over due!} 


what can you possibly do if you don't have any bananas in your wallet right?

 well, i decided to find things around my house and

see what i could come up with ....

here is a space right next to our living room, it's a sunroom? not sure but, 

it has always stumped me on what to do w/, here is my challenge....

this is the space semi- before...

the oak table i bought at my favorite thrift store...i sanded off all the old stain and left it bare,

added some antique bronze drawer pulls from home depot,  a basket i had from a palm tree long dead & the

white ceramic planter i found for $5 bananas!

{love using the word "bananas" like on Rachel Zoe Project}

also, notice the poo poo brown doors...yes, i thought that was a great idea a few months ago...

 not loving anymore...have paint, will paint soon.

close-up of table....

the chair had a white pillow b/f and now added some burlap i had and tied the corners to the chair w/

ribbon...just an experiment...

here's the space now...

in our spare {junk} room, we have a daybed and on it was this twin coverlet w/ pillows ...white on 1 side &

 martha stewart green on the other..

i decided to tuck the white side of the coverlet into the striped empire sofa and make it comfy by

 adding the 3 euro pillows...this sofa is really not meant to lounge's kinda narrow but, let see how it works..

kinda liking, not totally loving but, it'll do for now...

hung a collection of  framed audubon bird prints on each side of the window...

covered a small white pillow insert w/ some more burlap & put it back on the stool
{no sew project} 

that was FREE at my favorite thrift store!

i decided that now that i'll soon turn 40 and my brain is or may be turning into mush...i'm going to

start reading...not just magazines but, real books that adults read...heehee

so, i think this sofa may work for a good reading nook..i'll have to give it a try and see if i don't fall

asleep & trust me i'll have magazines near just incase i get bored!

now, if your itching to decorate & banana free like myself...go around your house  & see

what you can  find to help with that urge to splurge

 and go green...oh goodness green...$ always comes up....hee hee

happy sunday ya'll!

xoxo's nancy


Whimsical Creations said...

You did a fabulous job!

Antique Oak Table said...

Hey, the most important thing to understand is to make your design a creative task and should be in accordance with your wishes. Decorate in a way that you would like living there. Good luck!

sara@augustfields said...

hi nancy :) i'm coming on over to let you know where my slipcovers are from...are you ready??? :)

its true. the couches underneath are red and they cover them entirely. hope that helps!!

Lissa said...

I think the white covers look fluffy and cozy for reading. I haven't been able to find time to read lately. I'm dying to get back into it also.

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

My home is one of my favorite places to shop...and it's super cheap too ;o)