Saturday, April 17, 2010

{repurposed doors}

a few months ago i stumbled upon  30+ old wood doors! i know can you believe!!!

someone put them out for heavy trash...i'm sure he was in the door biz at one

 time or was he a junker like me? hmmmm anyways, i'm glad he decided to part with them & super happy i drove by his house that day! SCORE!

if your reading "THANK YOU" lol

due to hurricane ike our old tattered fence went was only time as it was pretty unstable....we didn't have the funds to

 fix at that time so, we just salvaged what we could and rigged it worked and served

it's purpose for a few years...we are great riggers! lol

we were finally ready to replace and came up with a plan....

i came up with this  grand idea to use 2 of the old doors instead of gate doors...

 with a little convincing my handy man{wink wink} was on board with my plan!

poor guy...i had him pull door after door out of the garage & of course these 2 doors were at the bottom of the 30+ door stack...omg i know

  reason i picked these 2 was 1. the color 2. they were used together at one time

 {if you look closely you'll see the panels are different in size}

 after a few days this is what we he built...

i had 2 serious jobs to do on this project....1.  fill the hanging baskets with flowers and ivy {found at lowes & walmart} 2.   find hangers for the baskets {found at target for $3.99 ea.}


we still need to find a door handle, distress the doors a bit and put a poly on them to

 protect them from our humid weather here in texas...

the 2 iron peices above the doors we bought several years ago at round top antique fair...really didn't know where

 we would use them but, my handy man suggested to use them on top of the doors and i really liked his idea! props to my handy man...i think i'm wearing off on

xoxo's nancy

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