Thursday, April 15, 2010

{It's a PARTY at Serenity NOW and YOU know how I like PARTIES!}

Amanda at Serenity Now is having a Dishing It Party and i'm attending!  I love parties!

I started blogging almost a year ago in lil addiction started when a friend  had some pictures taken and I loved how her photographer  captured moments and decided to cruise on over to the photographers web page...
  at this point  I really didn't know much about blogs & thought it was something only writers  little did i know right? lol

As I entered her site I  saw the cutest little girls in these adorable outfits{one day i would like to have a tween of my many things i'd like to accomplish in this lifetime  & there's more...OMGoodness I'm all over the place.. :)}...sorry, sometimes i just ..ok back to my her post she mentioned the outfits were by "Matilda Jane" sooo, of course me as nosey as i am started googling...thank god for inter net!!  I found her site and clicked on "blog"...still had no clue what i was fixin to see..OH MY... I was instantly addicted & SOOO inspired by all the beautiful pictures and how she just wrote about everyday things!
SO, I thought to myself why not start my own blog w/ my own passions.. that's how it began :)

{ahemmm..i'd like to one day take photography classes as well...}
"La Borda Bleu" is derived from a couple of languages...Spanish & french which means in english "The Blue Cottage"
I don't live in a blue cottage but, I knew these words best described me & my style...Bleu for water & written in French {love the french eclectic look & LOVE being near the water}.  Borda means Cottage which is my ultimate flavor of decorating...

 I like to blog about different things...I love to show how much love we have been pouring into this house we call our home! We began our renovation of our 1957 bungalow 10 years ago!  Then, we added 900 sq. feet around 3 or so years ago and we are still working on the last stages of our home.  It's hard to document as it comes in stages when our money tree is in full bloom! :) I don't want to limit myself to one thing to blog about{ as you can}
to be honest it just depends on what i'm in the mood for that day whether it's about a tasty treat, a party idea, decorating eye candy or my family.

I really enjoy blogging, it lets my creative side out! I have very few to no friends who enjoy the same things I do so, blogging helps divert this energy that I LOVE!

I have made a couple new friends with similar passions and it puts a super big O smile on my face!

I hope for MORE new friends as I always have room for YOU!

xoxo's nancy


Andrea said...

Visiting from Amanda's Party. Love the blog name explanation!! It sounds so sophisticated!
Gonna take a look around your blog now :)

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Buenos días, Nan!
So nice to meet you and I love French and Spanish things, too!
I love seeing pictures of your home as you transform it- keep 'em coming- they are inspiring!
I have a newer home that I am constantly trying to add oldness, ahem, character to.
I hear ya on the money tree part, LOL!
Mine blooms occasionally, too!
Bénédictions de ma maison au vôtre!

Stephanie said...

I am loving this blog party! I can't wait to look through your pictures and see what you have been doing! I agree that through blogging you get to see and comment with people who love the same things you do! I need to freshen my new just seems to corporate and not fun like my old one! You have inspired me! I haven't done a post for this party...thinking about it but in the mean time I am reading everyone elses :) Thanks for sharing

La Borda Bleu said...

Hello ladies!! Thanks for visiting & hope to see you around..don't be a stanger or i'll come find j/j not a stalker ok well a lil bit..:)
i'm going to make my way to visit your blogs a lil later as I have to go stage a house for WORK..I love it tho!! i'm a real estate agent as well. xoxo's nancy

Kristin said...

Hi Nancy! Love your blog - thanks for visiting mine too! I'm going to go check out your Etsy shop too, those blue glasses are calling me! :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Neat blog title. :) I don't like to limit myself to topics either. I love reading about home renovations! Thanks so much for stopping by my party to link up. Hope you're having fun "mingling!" ;)

CourtneyKeb said...

I'm sometimes all over the place in all that I'm wanting to accomplish and try too.
Glad I stopped by, I enjoyed your blog!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Yep it's just the best. Nice to "meet" you:)

Jan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment! I'm now following your blog and I look forward to seeing some of your ideas!


Ashley Allen said...

Hi! Cute blog! Stopping by from the party!