Friday, May 14, 2010

{kitchen ~ dreaming of the day.....}

i am itching to start on our kitchen....unfortunately,  our  money tree is not blooming as

 well as i hoped this year...SO, instead of  getting all worked up about it & driving my husband insane :}...

i've  decided to turn that frustration into something positive &  gather some ideas for now.

our kitchen before had white bead board cabinets from ikea...they worked well until the fronts started

peeling....we are still using them & work for the time being but, not secured to the wall

 and most of the legs have

broken due to moving them around{cheap plastic legs not intended to move once in place}

what's crazy is we have replacement wood doors  from ikea

{ i complained & got free replacement doors..they were under warranty for 10 years & lasted 3!} 

that same year they discontinued our style doors
{wonder why?? lol }

and  we had to choose another style...they are still in boxes in the attic...

 3 or 4 years ago we were going to replace the doors but, then decided to extend our lil house
and in turn reconfigure the kitchen
our kitchen before.....

our kitchen you think we need more lights? :)

we took out the travertine flooring we had in the old kitchen and replaced w/ 3/4 inch wood to match the rest of the house...

first thing on the to do list....stain floor!

wondering why we have 2 refrigerator's??? the white is out of order for the moment...waiting on a part to fix
next, i will be searching for inspirational ideas!

P.S....i'm open for any ideas or if you would like to photoshop my kitchen that would be awesome!!  i've seen ladies do this in blogland and it's super neat!
not sure if you ladies get a decorators block when it comes to your own's pretty much what happens to me all the time!

xoxo's nancy 

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Rachel said...

I'm a huge fan of butcher block countertops! We're planning (saving up $$) to use them in our little kitchen.
And I totally get blocked when thinking of my own home! Designing your own home is the hardest, I think because I get torn between several ideas or looks. It's hard for me to pick one and go, although I've been getting better at it.

Your kitchen is just full of potential! I love how open and bright it is, and I love those floors! Can't wait to see what you come up with - your old kitchen was so cute!

Have a great weekend!