Thursday, December 17, 2009

{2009 American Girl Bday Party...She's 7, OMG!}

I wanted to share some pics w/ all of you! We took Madeleine to Dallas to the American Girl/Bistro to celebrate her 7th Birthday! We all had a Great time w/ her!

We are here!

The beautiful Christmas Tree in the middle of the ice rink in the Galleria

Madeleine is feeling a lil overwhelmed and can't decide what she wants

This is Kit...she just got a fancy NEW pink dress for Madeleine's Bday Party! Isn't she a Doll....

Madeleine and her BFF! Too Cute!

The table setting for the Party at the Bistro....

Madeleine is a STAR!

My sweet Madeleine...I just can't get over how quickly she has grown up! My My how time flies by!

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