Wednesday, October 14, 2009

{round top, warrenton, fayettville antique fair 10/2}

i love these blue mason jars....i didn't pick any up and i'm really regretttttting it! don't you hate see something you like and you say to yourself...i'll be back on my way out and it never happens...ugggh

cute lil cottage house...

we arrived early and as soon as we got there it started, we{hubby, sis, niece & myself} packed inside a lil burger joint {can't remember the name but, WOW what a great burger!} & we ate & waited until it passed...finally, headed out with total excitement to start our shopping extravaganza ...not to mention shortly after it started raining again....& was a wash out! but, i did manage to take a few photos in between rain sessions! lol
xoxo's nan

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