Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{Our hill country adventure....}

 Over the weekend we headed to the hill country to the Round Top Antique fair and didn't find a "must have"...it was the last day of the show and most vendors were gone so,  I came home with sore feet,  a blue mouth from the blue coconut shaved ice{good} and a little french wire basket w/ 6 little terra-cotta pots...really cute for $20 bucks!  I plan on putting a lil succulents in each pot.  All in all we had a great time & the weather was good...not sunny but, nice and breezy.  

  pink pleather boots :)

 I didn't understand this vendors booth...doll heads and body parts...didn't know it was in high demand?

 these doors were probably 20 feet high...I wanted to find out where they came from but i couldn't find anyone to ask?

  this was really really big and hefty price tag...i loved it!

 my tag alongs :)

this sign has a story...the man who has this sign said it belonged to the vendor that was right next to him for not sure how many years but many, sadly he died last year and his brother brought it to him to hang in his booth.  He said it belonged in Warrenton since this is where his brother loved spending his time.   It was nice to see how much pride he had now owning his neighbors sign :).  So, if ever in Warrenton and you see this sign you now know the story behind it & if you forget he will be glad to tell you :)   

xoxo's Nancy


Stitchfork said...

Loved the boots and that set of doors! All those doll parts kind of look creepy when I see them like that. Would love to go there some day!

classic • casual • home said...

Except for the sore feet...fun, fun, fun