Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{spring and ruffles}

~ i've been thinking about re-decorating my daughters bathroom for  spring/summer and ruffles came to mind~
ruffles remind me of cool crisp days of early spring giggling with my sisters, laying in the grass gazing at the clouds, picking dandelions from the yard and blowing them in the wind...
another fond memory was spring break...this would be our first trip of the year to go visit my grandparents who lived in the valley {south texas}
while in the valley, we would go across the border into mexico and go to the market to shop for our spring/summer wardrobes....this was one of my favorite things to do!
me shopping = love!
mom would be the one to pick out our cute dresses and dad would take us to get our crisp white leather strappy sandals....i remember waiting & waiting for my parents to finish shopping because all i could think about was getting home, trying everything on again & picking out what i was going to wear the next day!

here a few inspirational finds.....

i went to target and bought the shabby chic white ruffle shower curtain...i couldn't find it online to show you but it was priced more on the affordable side...it was $29.99!
i am still in search of other cute things to put in the bathroom so, for now i'll keep shopping & post as soon as i finish!


xoxo's nan

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