Sunday, September 27, 2009

{happy sunday!}

sunday - a day for relaxing, gathering thoughts & writting the todo list for the week!

i was very inspired yesterday at a fall market i attended ..they had sooo many wonderful things & put me in the mood to create more & i think this wonderful fall weather has something to do with it!!

on a different sister and i came up with a very cute display idea for my bottlecap chokers, necklace & rings...this was an old door i found {i actually came across 40 vintage tattered doors for FREE!! wow i struck gold!!} we cleaned it up and put scrapbook paper inside the panels...i had this vintage tissue holder and it's perfect for the bottle cap just reach in and grab one! the metal panel is from ikea and the hooks i had....

i think i want to paint it a blue or something...then add a chalkboard to write in the prices...

what do you think?

xoxo's Nan

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