Tuesday, August 18, 2009

{getting started}

as i have posted i'm am trying to get my online biz organized & started! it's a very exciting time for me :) so far the hardest part for me is choosing a name.....i had SOO many thoughts and ideas but, none seemed to to explain what i'm all about...i have been so confused and unclear! i found myself not being able to sleep pondering over words all nite long. i felt a lil
COOOKY at times.....calling my husband everytime i put a few words together to get his thoughts..i'm sure he was soo over me calling him..but, isn't this what husbands are for? lol sweet guy I JUST LOVE HIM!
anyways, back to figuring out a name.. the day i FINALLY decided on a name something happened...i got a call saying "I was going to be laid off my part-time job" :( so, my gut was to go w/ the that paticular name since 1 door was closing an another opening right?

NOW i'm second guessing myself??? i've let it out of the bag and for those who know think it's pretty good...we will see!
more later.....until then xoxo's nan

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